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The Ultimate Electrician Tools Master List: A Comprehensive Guide.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to electrician tools! As leading experts in the field, we are here to provide you with an extensive list of essential tools every electrician needs. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the electrical trade, having the right tools at your disposal is crucial for success. In this article, we will present you with an unmatched collection of electrician tools that will help you excel in your work and outperform your competition.

Channel-Lock Pliers: also known as pump pliers, are adjustable pliers that are highly versatile and useful in various situations. These pliers are commonly used to grip, hold, or loosen nuts, bolts, clips, or springs. Electrician Tools Master List


Linesman's pliers: also known as Side cutters, or lineman's pliers, are versatile cutting tools commonly used by electricians and tradespeople. These pliers are highly effective for cutting through Romex wire and single conductor cable up to approximately 4 gauge. They feature flat jaws that are convenient for gripping various objects. For instance, they can easily grasp steel fish tape and perform other gripping tasks. However, their primary function remains as a cutting tool.


Diagonal Pliers: While lineman's pliers are suitable for cutting and pulling tasks, diagonal cutting pliers are specifically designed for cutting. Due to their snipping style rather than a side-cutter style, they lack the same leverage and effectiveness with larger-sized wires. However, the advantage of using diagonal cutting pliers is their ability to access tight spaces like outlet boxes or crowded panels. So, they are preferred for tasks that require reaching into confined areas.


Long Nose Pliers: The primary function of these long-nose pliers revolves around their ability to grab and pinch objects. However, they also come equipped with a cutting blade, which proves convenient when you find yourself in a situation where snipping something is necessary, and you'd rather avoid the hassle of fetching another tool. These pliers can be considered the third essential item in what I like to call the "Pliers Trifecta," and acquiring all three is highly recommended. With enough practice, they become an extension of your hand, enabling you to accomplish tasks that your chubby little fingers may struggle with. This is quite remarkable, considering the incredible engineering behind our hands. This versatile tool excels at twisting wire around terminals, pinching, grabbing, yanking, and whatever else you can think of. It also proves handy when retrieving small objects from the depths of your tool pouch, where your hand won't fit.


Wire Stripper: This efficient tool swiftly and tidily removes the insulation from both stranded and solid copper wires. Typically, you'll find yourself working with wires ranging from 14 gauge to 10 gauge. While there are strippers available for larger sizes like 8 gauge and 6 gauge, they are not essential to have. In situations involving thicker cables, a razor knife can effectively handle the task.


Klein 11-in-1 Screwdriver: If you happen to be working within a limited budget, you can temporarily manage with the utilization of this versatile 11/1 screwdriver.


Voltage Tester: When working in the field, this particular tool is commonly referred to as a proximity tester or commonly known as a "chirp tester." By positioning it in close proximity to an energized wire, it will either emit a red glow or produce an audible tone, or sometimes both. Its primary purpose is to provide a swift indication of whether a circuit or device is energized. However, it should be noted that this tool is not intended to substitute for a voltmeter. Personally, I find it particularly useful when troubleshooting a circuit, as it applies a tone to the wire, allowing me to detect it at the opposite end.


Receptacle Tester: Following the same principle as the "Chirp Tester" (also known as a Voltage Tester), this specialized tool is designed specifically for examining receptacle outlets. By inserting it into an outlet and observing the presence or absence of lights, you can determine whether the outlet is functioning correctly.

You might be wondering, "Why not simply use a lamp or vacuum cleaner?" While that is indeed an option, this tool offers the advantage of portability as it easily fits into your pocket, unlike a bulkier floor lamp. Additionally, in the event of an issue, this tool provides valuable insights into the specific problem, such as a loss of ground or neutral connection.

A notable feature of this tool is the small black button, which functions as a GFCI tester. When the tool is plugged in, pressing this button will intentionally trip a properly functioning GFCI device, allowing you to verify its proper operation.


Measuring Tape: Prepare yourself for a plethora of measurements! Whether it's tracking down light fixtures, securing mounting boxes, or routing conduit, a reliable tape measure is an absolute necessity. However, I do have a few preferences when it comes to this tool. First and foremost, ensure that it possesses a durable blade capable of being extended to its maximum length without any risk of collapsing. This characteristic proves incredibly useful when you're on a mission to locate the precise center of a ceiling. Additionally, I highly recommend selecting a tape measure equipped with a magnetic tip. This ingenious feature allows you to effortlessly attach the end of the tape measure to any metallic surface, providing a secure hold.


Cordless Drill Set: Previously, possessing a wireless drill in your truck was considered a lavish indulgence. Nowadays, I would categorize it as an essential necessity. This versatile tool will be utilized on a daily basis, occasionally even throughout the entire day. Its primary function is to facilitate the installation or removal of various devices, such as outlets and switches. Here's a useful tip: ensure that you have an additional battery on hand, allowing one to charge while the other is actively being used.

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