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Ultimate Guide to Whole House Surge Protectors, Safeguarding appliances

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Safeguarding Appliances from Voltage Spikes and Power Surges. Whole house surge protector Safeguarding appliances

A whole house surge protector serves the purpose of safeguarding all the appliances in your home against voltage spikes. It accomplishes this by limiting the excess electrical current either by blocking its flow or redirecting it to the ground, similar to how a pressure relief valve functions. This protection extends not only to surges caused by lightning but also includes the 60-80 percent of surges that originate from within your home, typically resulting from the cycling on and off of major appliances. Given the prevalence of electronic devices in today's homes, it is imperative to prioritize the protection of your home by employing a whole-house surge protector

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Whole house surge protectors are typically connected directly to your electrical box through a hard-wired installation. The proper installation of a whole-house surge protector is crucial to ensure its effectiveness. One important aspect of the installation is ensuring that the surge protector is properly grounded. Without proper grounding, even the best surge protector will be unable to perform its job effectively.

Is it recommended for homeowners NOT to install a whole house surge protector themselves, or is it advisable to hire a professional for the installation?

The installation of a whole house surge protector by a professional usually requires approximately two hours. Unless you possess advanced knowledge and skills in electrical work, it is strongly advised to enlist the services of a professional electrician for the installation process. The electrical wiring within your service panel may be complex, improperly installed, or accompanied by potential house defects, which can pose risks to individuals attempting a DIY installation without adequate expertise. Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure proper grounding for your whole house surge protector to ensure its optimal functioning. To prioritize the safety of your home, appliances, and loved ones, it is highly recommended to consult a professional for the installation of a whole-house surge protector.

What types of events does a whole-house surge protector safeguard your electronics against?

  1. Damage to circuit boards in sensitive home appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, fridges, dishwashers, computers, smart devices, TVs, LED light bulbs, and more.

  2. Mini-bursts of excessive energy are caused by major appliances cycling on and off, which account for up to 80 percent of power surges in your home. These surges gradually degrade your appliances and reduce their lifespan.

  3. Overvoltage is caused by downed utility lines or neighbouring homes, which can disrupt the flow of current into your home and lead to harmful voltage fluctuations.

  4. Direct lightning strikes, which pose a significant risk to your electronics and can cause severe damage. Whole house surge protector Safeguarding appliances

Power surges pose a greater risk to certain electronics, including:

  1. Highly sensitive home appliances like computers, smart devices, and TVs, contain delicate circuitry that can be easily damaged by voltage spikes.

  2. Electronics with microprocessors or integrated circuits, such as washers, dryers, stoves, fridges, dishwashers, and other household appliances. These components are susceptible to malfunction or failure when exposed to sudden surges in electrical power.

  3. LED light bulbs, are sensitive to fluctuations in voltage and may experience reduced lifespan or immediate damage from power surges.

  4. Communication and networking equipment, including routers, modems, and telecommunication devices, are particularly vulnerable to power surges due to their sensitive electronic components.

It is essential to protect these electronics with measures such as whole-house surge protectors to mitigate the risks associated with power surges.

Whole-house surge protectors are suitable for a wide range of homes, including:

  1. Single-family homes: Whether it's a small bungalow or a large estate, homeowners can benefit from the added protection of a whole-house surge protector.

  2. Multi-family dwellings: Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses can also benefit from whole-house surge protectors to safeguard the electrical systems and connected devices of multiple units.

  3. Older homes: Older homes may have outdated or insufficient electrical systems that are more vulnerable to power surges. Installing a whole-house surge protector can help protect the electrical infrastructure and modern appliances in these homes.

  4. New construction: Including a whole-house surge protector during the construction phase of a new home ensures that the electrical system is protected from the beginning, safeguarding all the newly installed appliances and electronics.

  5. Homes in areas prone to lightning strikes: If you live in an area with a high frequency of lightning storms or where downed power lines are common, a whole-house surge protector can provide crucial protection against the damaging effects of lightning-induced power surges.

Regardless of the type or age of your home, consulting with a professional electrician is recommended to determine the specific requirements and feasibility of installing a whole-house surge protector.

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