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Avoid Electrical Danger

Homeowners don’t think about electrical system maintenance as often as they should. Many residents don’t realize that their electrical system can be a source of danger. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 278 people were electrocuted at work in 1999. This is particularly tragic because these fatalities could have easily been avoided by following proper electricity procedures.

Only trust licensed professionals with the electrical systems in your home. Members of our professional and licensed team are trained to adjust and fix any problems in your home safely.

Every home needs repair every once in a while. It’s inevitable. We commonly repair circuit breakers, wires and supply boxes. Avoid the risk of burns, shocks, electrocution, house fires and more by calling a member of the Stress Free Electrical team for help with wiring and repairs.


Recognizing Needed Electrical Repairs for Your Home

If using a blow dryer or blender trips a circuit in your home, you should schedule a system check. No need to treat it as an emergency, but such problems are not typical with a “healthy” electrical system. Light bulbs making a popping noise or breaking from the popping is a sign that something is not right. Addressing any electrical issues in your home is a great way to increase safety and reduce the risk of potential fires.


Avoid DIY Electrical Repair

Breakers and outlets can suffer from wear and tear as well as age. Though replacing nonworking outlets or light switches is easier than, for instance, wiring the garage, you should never try to complete a task that you aren’t confident about. Rely on Stress Free Electrical to complete repairs for you safely.

For efficient, superior service, trust Stress Free Electrical. If you are worried that something isn’t up to code or you notice anything dangerous, give us a call.

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